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Hola dudes. I'm an Electronics Engineering sophomore. I'm the kind of person who doesn't know what kind of person is. I hate loud noises and I like walking. This is a cyberpunk themed blog, and also a personal blog.

        If you expect me to follow you back, please don't follow me. Scram.  

Make sure to visit GlitchedCorpse, where I post glitch art.

Hello, Cyber has been away from home for about 2 months now, but don’t worry he’ll be back in 5 weeks. You may want a explanation to why he’s been gone but that’s a very long story and he’ll talk about that when he gets back. He’s been trough a lot of stuff but he’s okay, I’m tumblr user notafashionb0g, I’m friends with Cyber (Omar) and he asked me to post this.


the la’s // there she goes


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