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Sup y'all. My name's Omar and I'm a writer and hobbyist sculptor. I'm also a college instructor in a workshop.
I live in Mexico. Come visit I have drugs in my apartment.
Make sure to visit GlitchedCorpse, where I post glitch art.



*develops new crush* *looks up star sign compatibility instead of actually talking to them*

is this a serious post

do people actually do this

THANK god i found analgesics and a little weed this made my morning

my back pain is killing me fuck sake I swear I need drugs this time I actually need them

oh hell I found two of my pipes and one was full of weed
too bad I can’t find my eyedrops


People on the internet: your taste in music is amazing

People in real life: what the hell is this weird shit you’re listening to bruh

(via psychedelic-lips)